CR Families

The Landing

6th - 12th Grade


Celebration Place

K - 5th Grade

We are hoping to extend the Celebrate Recovery (CR) ministry to children, enabling families to participate on Monday night programs.  We are seeking volunteers to begin the study and preparations of these CR components called Landing (6th – 12th grade) and Celebration Place (pre K – 5th grade).  If you are interested in helping, please attend an informational session on Monday Sept 9th from 7-8pm at the Trinity Center (Room 3) and/or contact David Reyes.  For a greater appreciation of the Celebrate Recovery ministry, join us at 6pm for the worship and lesson/testimony portion of the program and after that we will have the Landing and Celebration Place informational session. 

If you have any questions please call David Reyes at 850-866-6988