Reel Stories

Everyone Has A Story

We are not perfect people here at First United Methodist Church-Panama City, but we want to be real people who are covered in the grace of a resurrected savior.  Here are some of our stories!


Brad Young

Here Brad's story about why missions have become a vital part of his life and how God put someone in his life to get him to 'step off the cliff'.


Elizabeth Hull

Elizabeth was invited to church by her cousin and her heart for others quickly grew. 


Daniel Schultz

After coming back from Revive 225, one of our youth shared about his experience helping flood victims of the Fall 2016 flooding that happened in Baton Rouge, LA.

Gail Banister

Gail talks about her struggle in a marriage where mental illness consumed much of her life.   

John Goldman

If you want to hear a story about redemption, John tells his story about a journey back from Islam to Christ.   (Podcast Link: Here)

Samantha Barclay

Take some time to listen to Samantha as she speaks to the youth about depression, joy, and about God being enough.  

Jim Lewis

Here is Jim's story about losing a son, overeating, and the deal he made with God.

Stacy Rodolph

Take some time to here Stacy's Testimony: a battle with Co-Dependency and Sexual Abuse.